Green Vein Kratom

Traditionally, green vein kratom has been renowned by the natives of  Southeast Asia for having a strong physical drive accompanied by mood lift and soothing undertones. The differentials amongst the various green strains are produced by the drying technique, blend, and region from which the plant is harvested. The most noticeable variation in effect is the amount and intensity of energy per strain.  In western culture, this would be described as “fast” to “slow”. For your convenience, we have listed our strains from fast to slow. Please see Bar Graphs for further expansion of attributes for the individual strains.

green bali Kratom

Our Green Kratom is Available in Powder & Extract Form

Green kratom has been used for centuries to promote both physical and mental wellness. At Kreat Day Botanicals, we offer a wide range of green kratom such as, Green Maeng Da kratom, Green Bali kratom, and Super Green kratom powder. Green vein kratom blends have been historically known by the natives of Southeast Asia to help enhance motivation, concentration, and overall well-being.

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green maeng da kratom

Our Green Bali & Green Maeng Da Strains Are Must-Try

For those looking for a balanced experience, our green veins are where it’s at. Our Green Bali kratom is a beautiful deep green color that’s long-lasting and smooth. It’s perfect for kratom veterans and newbies alike. Meanwhile, Green Maeng Da is the most potent variety of Green vein kratom, boasting the highest alkaloid level.

In addition to our flagship Green Bali kratom and Green Maeng Da kratom strains, we carry a variety of other Green vein kratom strains including:

  • Green Riau
  • Green Malay
  • Green Vietnam
  • Super Green
  • Green Bali
  • & More

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We’re confident that you’ll find the perfect Green vein kratom blend that fits your needs. Whether you’re new to kratom or a seasoned expert, we make it easy for you to find the best Green kratom strain that works for you. Our team is passionate about helping our customers find the perfect product to enhance their physical and mental well-being.

So why wait? Try our popular Green Bali kratom or Green Maeng Da kratom today and experience the difference for yourself. Visit our store or browse our online options to learn more. We also offer Red Bali kratom and a wide selection of white vein kratom products. Contact us today to speak with our team of experts and start your journey toward wellness with Kreat Day Botanicals!


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